The price of innovation

Yesterday afternoon we attended the event Transforming Challenges hosted by the Danish Design Center at Danske Industri Huset. Thürmer Tools CEO and partner at TwentySeven Erick Thürmer, was invited to take stage during the discussion panel to share his visionary ideas and to talk about us.


The event revolved around the concept of innovation contextualized with the current challenges posed by the advancement of a wide spectrum of emerging technologies. Many were the questions raised and the open debate showed an in an interesting landscape of opinions and point of views. What should we expect from the future and how do we prepare for it? Should we be positive, pessimistic, scared, excited? How do we approach innovation in companies, where do good ideas come from? How do we invest in innovation?

Christian Bason, director of the Danish Design Center, opened the event talking about the importance of “experiments”, as a mean of progress towards not only new ideas but also better ones. Trying out things and failing fast become a key activity within the growth of innovative business models. After that Henrik Bodskov, from IBM Denmark, introduced “feedbacks” to the equation. Not only trying new things but evaluating them, learning from them and to let go of old ideas. More inspiring words came from Stine Bosse who shared some insights on leadership. A clear vision pointing towards the future, flexible strategies and openness to customers needs are the ingredients that can’t be overlooked when embracing new endeavors. The rest of the event was spiced up with more remarkable contributions. Christoffer Nejrup talked about the implications of putting innovation in practice and invited the audience to reflect and discuss user-centered experiences, leadership and digital transformation.

Despite the event being only a few hours long, we definitely brought home some good advice and although the unanswered questions are still many, we feel that our steps are moving towards a promising direction. Much of our thinking goes to self-improvement and we are excited about the challenges that the future will bring. Stay tuned, because you’ll hear more from us soon.

Written by Greta D'Angelo